Tehnologii avansate de tratare a alimentelor utilizând tehnici de radiofrecvență pentru reducerea riscurilor privind sănătatea  consumatorilor



IBA Bucuresti

Project Advanced technologies by using radio-frequency techniques in food processing for reducing consumer health risks

National Frame for Research – Development and Innovation

Program name: Partnerships in priority areas

Contract : 164 / 2014

Acronym  RAFSIG

Contracting authority: Ministry of Research and Innovation /UEFISCDI

Project coordinator: University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest

Project completion period: 2.10.2014-30.09.2017

Budget: total 1,250,000 lei / INCDBA –IBA Bucharest  202,500 lei


The objective of the project: To achieve demonstrative models for RF treatment technologies and equipment of bakery products,with lower content of synthesis additives, to increase shelf-life and food safety.

Specific objectives:

By achieving the proposed goals, RAFSIG project also contribute to the solving of some problems related to environment protection, reducing energy costs and obtaining safe food products from economic, environmental and nutritional point of view. The technical solutions proposed by RAFSIG are original and innovative and creates the following premises:  new and powerful market position, as industrial producers concerned by consumers health and with a better communication of sustainable development policy;  competitive differentiation;   creation of a new trust brand – clean label products, that will enhance the corporate image of producing companies of such products.

Project responsible: Gabriela Mohan (