IBA Bucharest has had over the time many orders for studies and researches in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of certain technologies (freezing, preserving in jars, fruit juice extraction), optimizing the way of storage, optimizing the drying technologies (fruits or mushrooms) or investigation of consumers’ preferances for a certain product or of sensory attributes, in order to develop new products.

These studies/researches were carried out by multidisciplinary teams, involving some of our laboratories. Based on them, the companies that orderd them, could justify a way of labeling/promoting or optimizing a technology as well as rethinking a food matrix with the improvement of sensory attributes.

IBA Bucharest has a wide experience in partnerships with the food industry. Thus, in the last 3 years, we have been involved in more than 10 projects with food industry involved. Few of these collaborators are:

Professional associations

  • Romanian Association in Milling, Bakery and Pastry Products – ROMPAN
  • Romanian Federation of the Food Industry - ROMALIMENTA
  • Technological Platform Food for Life
  • INFOCONS – The Consumer Protection Association
  • The Consumer Association for Food Products „Optimum Cibum”;
  • The Association Group of Experts for Food Safety – CESA
  • The Associaion National Forum for Compared Oncology – FNOC
  • The Food Industry Specialists Association – ASIAR
  • Center of Applyed Biochemistry and Biotechnology – BIOTEHNOL
  • Association of ecological agriculture operators „BIO ROMANIA”

Private companies:

  •  ANGST;
  •  Centrul de Competență în Electrostatică și Electrotehnologii s.r.l.;
  •  Centrul IT pentru Știință și Tehnologie s.r.l.;
  •  SC Macromex SRL;
  •  SC Farinsan SA;
  •  SC Panimon SA Onești;
  •  SC Pharmacorp Innovation S.R.L.;
  •  S.C. “REAL TDC” SRL;
  •  S.C. Recunoştinţa Prodcom Impex S.R.L.;
  •  S.C. Sonimpex Serv Com SRL;
  •  S.C. Zeelandia S.R.L.;
  •  SIVECO Romania SA;
  •  SC Avicola București SA.