Experimental study over some vegetable food matrices from sensory, rheology, texture and physico-chemical point of view



no. 48N/2012 Project


IBA Bucuresti

NUCLEU Programme PN 12 48 Research regarding the determination of chemical contaminants in food, coming from the environment and processing, using high performance, chromatographic methods. Investigating the possibilities of reducing the level of contamination in order to obtain safe foods – acronym ACRIPAD

Contract no. 48N/2012

Project PN 12 48 01 08

Contracting authority: Ministry of Research and Innovation

Project completion period: 18.06.2015-15.11.2015

Budget: 300,000 lei


The objective of the project: experimental study on starches from different sources from sensory, rheological, textural and physico-chemical point of view.

Specific objectives:

    • research on the characterization of some types of native starches by physico-chemical, thermal and sensory analysis methods;
    • research to establish optimal mixtures of starches based on their physico-chemical properties in order to improve the functional properties for food applications.


Project manager: Alina Culetu (;