Selection, conservation and exploitation of biodiversity of yeasts microbiota from viticultural regional areas



IBA Bucuresti

Project "Selection, conservation and exploitation of biodiversity of yeasts microbiota from viticultural regional areas"

Sectorial program ADER MADR 2022

Project: ADER 7.1.2./2019

Contracting authority: Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Romania

Period of realization of the project: 11.10.2019-10.12.2022

Project coordinator: The Research and Development Institute for Viticulture and Vinification Valea Calugărească

IBA budget: 60,000 lei

Project objective: Maintaining and managing diversity, in different conditions, as well as the dynamic of the yeast microbiota in relation to the sensory quality of the wine.

Specific objectives:

1. Evaluation of various information of the native genofound of yeasts of vinification:

        • Updating the database regarding the selection of valuable yeasts of national level vinification
        • Taxonomic and identification loading studies of vinification yeasts
        • Reactivation of the oenological yeast strains existing in the collections

2. Evaluation of the metabolic and oenological performances of the yeast strains under growing conditions

  • Laboratory testing for cell viability:
  • Qualitative screening for highlighting the extracellular activity
  • Metabolic characterization of vinification yeasts
  • Making single, double and / or sequential yeast cultures depending on the enzymatic and metabolic characteristics of the strains.

3. Testing the strains selected at the level of micro-vinification and physico-chemical and organoleptic analyzes for the obtained wines:

  • Obtaining red and white wines with the help of selected strains
  • Processing of the grapes and obtaining some local musts;
  • Reactivating the strains of interest and preparing the inoculum
  • Seeding the yeast strains at the pilot level and supervising the fermentation
  • Physico-chemical and organoleptic analysis of oblique wines (Compositional profile; Sensory profile of wines)

4. Creation of collections of Levurian germplasm at national level:

  • An accomplishment of a national collection with the local species of Saccharomyces and non-Saccharomyces.

5. Promoting and disseminating the results obtained:

        • Large-scale dissemination through national communication and publication of the result;
        • Participation in technical-scientific events in specific project areas (round tables, national/international symposiums, workshops);
        • Working visits / changes of good practice.

Project Manager IBA: Fulvia Ancuța Manolache

E-mail addresse: