Production of flavored food products in different ecological matrices



IBA Bucuresti

Project " Production of flavored food products in different ecological matrices "

Program EXPERTAL  57/05.09.16 – Capitalization of the expertise in agri-food research through knowledge transfer to the private food bussiness operators in order to obtain safe and nutritionally optimized food products.
Subsidiary Contract type D No.5/ 26.04.2018/ SC Hofigal Export Import SA
Contracting authority: Intermediate Body for Research
Project completion period: 01.08.2018-30.06.2020
Budget: 1,265,099.50 lei

The objective of the project: development of new flavored food products, in different food matrices through knowledge transfer to industry.  

Specific objectives:

  • Analysis of the current state of knowledge regarding organic flavored food products obtained in different food matrices (honey and vegetable oils);
  • Characterization of food matrices (honey, vegetable oils) and flavoring ingredients (aromatic or indutrial herbs);
  • Laboratory experiments on obtaining flavored food products;
  • Obtaining in the micropilot phase of flavored food products - assortments of honey and organic oils - and establishing the quality and food safety characteristics;
  • Obtaining the finished products in pilot phase and elaborating the technical documentation for obtaining flavored food products. Elaboration of the nutritional label of the products.

Project manager: Cristina Mateescu