Diversification of gluten-free raw materials resources based on soryz



no. 25N/2018 Project


IBA Bucuresti

NUCLEU Programme PN 18 02 – Research regarding the use of methods and methodologies to maintain food safety and nutritional quality of food – acronym SANALIM

Contract no. 25N/2018

Project PN 18 02 02 01

Contracting authority: Ministry of Research and Innovation

Project completion period: 16.03.2018-10.12.2018

Budget: 590,000 lei


The objective of the project: investigation of soryz-based raw materials (such as: flour, semolina, broken and croup) with potential for application in gluten-free products. The research is approached from a nutritional, microstructural and rheological point of view. The research on gluten-free raw materials based on soryz are useful to the specialists in the food sector and to consumers with gluten intolerance and beyond.

Specific objectives:

  • analysis of the current market for gluten-free products;
  • identification of new gluten-free raw material resources from soryz and their complex characterization;
  • development of gluten-free products based on soryz (pasta);
  • dissemination of the results (1 article ISI, 1 article BDI, 4 scientific communications).


Project manager: Alina Culetu