Packaging, instrument - information and protection system, essential in the management of food safety



no. 22N/2019; Project:


IBA Bucuresti

Project "Packaging, instrument - information and protection system, essential in the management of food safety"

Program - CORE Programme - Researches on obtaining personalized foods: sensorial and nutritional quality, and authenticity (FOOD4YOU - Cod: PN 19 02)

Contract no. 22N/2019; Project: PN 19 02 03 02

Contracting authority: Ministry of Research and Innovation

Project completion period: 2019-2022

Budget: 2.100.000 lei

The objective of the project: The study of the potential risks of food safety related to the packaging, as well as of the factors that can influence the overall and specific migration phenomena from packaging in food and food simulants.

Specific objectives:

  • Study of biopolymers and nanomaterials used in the food packaging industry;
  • Analysis of bisphenol A in packaged foodstuffs and of the factors that influence its migration from packaging material into product;
  • Study of the heavy metals content (Pb, Cd, Cr and Hg) in food packaging from the environmental impact point of view;
  • The study of possible correlations between the physic-mechanical and barrier properties of flexible films and the overall migration phenomenon;
  • Investigation of the specific migration phenomenon of components from plastic materials and articles intended for contact with food using processing and modeling software tools;
  • Analysis of some compounds that can migrate from packaging materials using NMR technique;
  • Access of food producers to information on materials intended for contact with food, by groups and functionalities;
  • Increasing consumer awareness on the impact of packaging on food safety management.

Project responsible: Gabriel Mustatea