Human Nutrition Laboratory

Human Nutrition Laboratory
Research and studies
  • Concept development and scientific and technological solutions for obtaining food products (bakery, confectionery, food concentrates, fruit / vegetables) for diet therapy and prevention of metabolic diseases (diabetes, obesity).
  • Concept development, scientific and technological solutions, in order to obtain food products (bakery, confectionery, food concentrates, fruit / vegetables) with high nutritional value and antioxidant activity, for prevention and diet therapy of diseases caused by oxidative stress.
  • Studies regarding valorization of raw materials with therapeutically properties in obtaining nutraceutical products.
  • Studies regarding the possibilities of reducing apple products patulin contamination.
  • Studies regarding accumulation potential of nitrates in vegetables.
  • Developing new methods for analysis of biological active compounds in raw materials and food products (hydrosoluble vitamins, lyposoluble vitamins, carotenoids, antocians).
Products made in IBA laboratories

IBA sells products made at the Pilot Station for processing cereals and flours

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