Colloidal Biochemistry Laboratory

Research and studies
  • the influence of additives (enzymes, gluten, starch) on the quality of flours
  • raw materials diversification for the bakery industry through rheological studies
  • establishing the technological parameters of baking by determinining the dough rheological properties using Farinograph
  • dough rheological behaviour using Mixolab system (parameters: water absorption, protein quality, starch gelatinization, analysis of enzymatic activity
  • analysis of the dough rheological properties using Extensograph (parameters: tensile strength, extensibility)
  • analysis of the rheological properties of the dough using the Alveograph (parameters: resistance to deformation (P), extensibility (L), swelling (G), elasticity (Ie), strength of the dough (W));
  • viscosity determination of the flour using amylograph in order to evaluate the gelatinization conditions and the appreciation of the alpha-amylase activity
  • grinding process control by analyzing the damaged starch using the SDmatic equipment (amperometric method);
  • investigation of thermal transitions in food products by differential scanning calorimetry (studied parameters: starch gelatinization temperature, enthalpy, downgrade studies).
Products made in IBA laboratories

IBA sells products made at the Pilot Station for processing cereals and flours

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