Food Packaging Laboratory

Research and studies
  • investigations regarding the hygienic-sanitary quality of materials that come into contact with food, in accordance with national regulations and European Community Directives
  • evaluation of the gas and water vapor barrier properties of the packaging by permeability tests
  • evaluation of physical-mechanical properties: tracking indicators of flexible packaging
  • studies and research on the global migration of components from packaging to food simulants
  • specific migrants identification from food packaging by UV-VIS spectrophotometric methods
  • chemical contaminants identification (heavy metals) in food and food supplements
  • chemical contaminants identification (heavy metals) in food packaging in conformity with Law 249/2015
  • evaluation of the metals content (macro and microelements) in food, feed and food supplements
  • quantitative evaluation of amino acids in foods and food supplements
  • development and validation of new analysis methods
  • studies and research development on the relationship between the packaging material and the quality of the food product, its microecology and its shelf life
  • specliaty trainings
Products made in IBA laboratories

IBA sells products made at the Pilot Station for processing cereals and flours

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