Quality Policy

Quality is closely linked to the development strategy of the National Research and Development Institute for Food Bioresources – IBA Bucharest.

The Quality Policy established by the General Manager in accordance with the reference standards, corresponds to the nature of the internal/external environment and the own risks of the organization and takes into account the quality of the processes/products/services executed, the market strategy and the goals pursued. It also supports the satisfaction of clients’ needs in compliance with the legal requirements, it is appropriate to the purpose and context of the organization and is in full agreement with the strategic direction.

The General Manager commits to develop and maintain the management system in accordance with the reference standards adopted within the institute and to continuously improve its effectiveness by:

  • Renewal of the accreditation according to ISO/CEI 17025:2018 of the laboratory testing activities through the Department of Quality Control of Agrifood Products and Food Packaging
  • Communicating within the organization the importance of satisfying the clients’ requirements, as well as observing the legal and regulatory requirements, complying with the adopted standards’ requirements and those regarding the quality of products and processes realized within the institute
  • Process – based approach and risk-based thinking, communication and application in the process of carrying out the documents of the quality management system in order to obtain products/services at the highest quality standards
  • Consistent delivery of products and services that lead to increased customer satisfaction by effectively/efficiently applying the management system and improving performance in terms of quality
  • Communicating, understanding and applying the quality policy and its documents at all levels of the organization, continuously imprbing and ensuring their compatibility with the strategic context and directions of the organization; ensuring the availability of Quality Polixy for all stakeholders
  • Ensuring that the objectives are set, analyzed and achieved, the associated risks are evaluated as well as the accepted limits for risk tolerance
  • Ensuring that the management system is working properly and obtaining good quality products
  • Ensuring compliance with the applicable law and the appropriate management of the analysis mad by the management team
  • Ensuring the availability of the necessary resources (human resources and specialized skills, organizational skills, organizational infrastructure, technological and financial resources), as well as engaging, directing and supporting employees to contribute to the effectiveness of the management system
  • Applying the declared methods for the realization of the products/services
  • Supporting relevant management roles to ensure leadership in all areas of responsibility

Participating in the implementation, maintenance and improvement of the management system is a job task of each employee

Responsibility for quality is the responsibility of everyone.

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