Use of modern microbiological methods for Salmonella spp. detection in order to increase food safety



no.: 25N/16.03.2018, AA1 and AA2/2018/


IBA Bucuresti

Project „Use of modern microbiological methods for Salmonella spp. detection in order to increase food safety”

Contract no.: 25N/16.03.2018, AA1 and AA2/2018/PN 18 02 01 05
Contracting authority: Ministry of Research and Innovation
Project completion period16.03.2018 – 15.11.2018
Budget: 460,000 LEI

Obiectivul proiectul: optimization of the classical methods of microbiological control by implementing the rapid methods capable of reducing the detection time by up to 50%, thus helping the efficient participation of the laboratory in the control activity of contamination with Salmonella spp. of food products.

Obiective specifice:

  • Identification of the main interest factors for the use of rapid analysis methods compared to conventional microbiological testing methods.
  • Development of the methodology for the implementation of rapid, sensitive, efficient, detection and counting methods of pathogenic bacteria Salmonella spp. in order to monitor the contamination level at any time and to obtain an integrated management system for quality assurance of food products throughout the food chain.
  • Internal validation of the rapid detection methods of Salmonella spp. for animal and non-animal food products.

Responsabil proiect: Alina Alexandra Dobre