Setting up the innovation support mechanisms and increasing awareness on the potential of Food Inovation and RTD in the South-East Europe area



IBA Bucuresti

Project "Setting up the innovation support mechanisms and increasing awareness on the potential of Food Innovation and RTD in the South-East Europe area"

South-East Europe Transnational Cooperation Program 

Contract SEE/B/0028/1.3/X

Contracting authority: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Duration of the project: 01.04.2011 – 30.09.2013

Budget for IBA: 90,000 euro


    • Centre for Research and Technology Hellas Institute of Agrobiotechnology Greece (coordinator)
    • Federation of Industries of Northern Greece
    • National Research Council - Institute of Sciences of Food Production Italy
    • Agricultural University of Plovdiv Bulgaria
    • Pazardzhik Regional Administration Bulgaria
  • National Institute of Research&Development for Food Bioresources (IBA) Romania
      • Constanta Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Shipping and Agriculture Romania
      • The Development Agency of Idrija and Cerkno Slovenia
      • European Food Chain Parliament-Foodlawment Hungary 
      • Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies Ukraine 
      • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of The Republic of Moldova
  • Institute for Food Technology Serbia
  • Objectives: 

    Inno-Food SEE directly addresses the objectives of the SEE Programme; more specifically 'Priority Axis 1- Facilitation of innovation and entrepreneurship' and 'AoI 1.3-Enhance the framework conditions and pave the way to innovation'. Inno- Food SEE objectives are twofold: 

    1. to set up the appropriate mechanisms that will facilitate the exchange and coordination of research, technology and innovation approaches and policies for the Food Sector and 
    2. to increase the public awareness on the importance of technological progress and innovation, mainly those related to the so called -omits technologies, in the Food Sector in the wider South- East Europe area. Inno- Food SEE will achieve its twofold objectives by:
    • Assessing the needs of the participating countries for the establishment of the appropriate mechanisms that will boost innovation in the food sector thus contributing to entrepreneurship and competitiveness
    • Developing a network of stakeholders/decision takers that will become involved in the project phases and assist in the formulation of policies and mechanisms for food innovation
    • Strengthening the capacity for innovation of the participating entities
    • Developing Operation Plans for Food Innovation and contributing to the development of a transnational food innovation system in the SEE area
    • Enabling the development of an innovative friendly environment that allows the food industry and researchers to easily become engaged in innovative activities
    • Promoting the profile of the SEE countries as a place for innovation and growth, emulating the successful examples of Food Valley in the Netherlands
    • Contributing to a broader understanding of the potential that food innovation proposes to the society and diminishing fears for new food products and technologies 
    • Introducing food innovation and entrepreneurship themes in the respective university curricula 
    • Rendering young people more familiar with science and entrepreneurial spirit and further in.


    Project manager from IBA: Denisa Duta