Integration of good practices and new methods for professional training in the field of herbs processing for food and food supplements/Good Herbs



IBA Bucuresti

Program ERASMUS +

Contract no. 2014-1-RO01-KA200-002902

Contractor: IBA Bucharest

Parteneri: Obcianske zdruzenie No Gravity, Slovacia, Centro Tecnológico Nacional de la Conserva y Alimentación, Murcia, CTC, Spania, Fundacion Universitaria San Antonio de Cartagena,

Project completion period: 2014 - 2016

The objective of the project: to educate, train, inform and disseminate the latest/new scientific evidences, legislation in force, hygienic rules as well as the best manufacturing practices of herbs in order to ensure the quality, safety, nutritive and functional quality, useful for food and food supplements industries. In this way it will be increased the opportunities of professional development and improve the professional competence, cooperation and competitiveness.

Specific objectives:

  • Organization: finding the existing best practices in training/learning and analysis the actual context in 3 domains: food spices, natural food ingredients and food supplements;
  • Motivation: stimulation of adult interest and motivation for continuous learning, upgrade of previous knowledge, new information, new skills and competence;
  • Adaptation: training adapting to different audience categories – SMEs employees, NGOs, adults from urban or rural areas, people in different socio-economic and cultural environments, young and seniors so on, who are working with herbs;
  • Innovation: using the creative thinking of trainers for courses design and deliver of teaching – use the academia professionals/researchers as trainers and discover the most innovative ways/methods for teaching and efficient learning; innovative strategies/approaches/ and teaching practices;
  • Facilitation: facilitating of adult learners to participate to collaborative learning and practical demonstration, to have new learning opportunities for good manufacturing practices (learning Kits; using social media; on-line learning; developing ICT competences);
  • Atraction: the training will be designed and delivered in an inspirited ways, aiming to become accessible, interesting, attractive and fun for participants by using demonstrations, pictures, video recordings/movies, links to internet, exchange of experiences;
  • Orientation: to face changes/adapt to new challenge, improving of individual options/level of qualification/position in the organization, development of the new competences according to the students’ needs as well as to the new rules and regulation/ in conformity with legislation in force.

Project manager: Tatiana Onisei