Research on the identification of Torque teno viruses as potential bioindicators for the safety of meat products



IBA Bucuresti

The Nucleus Program - Research on the determination of chemical contaminants in food, from the environment and processing, using high performance, chromatographic methods. Investigating the possibilities of reducing the level of contamination in order to obtain safe foods – acronym ACRIPAD

Contract no. 48N/2012, Additional document nr. 2/2014

Contracting authority: Ministry of Research and Innovation

Project completion period: 16.01.2014-10.12.2014

Budget: 1.230.000 lei

The objective of the project: research aimed at describing and characterizing Torque teno viruses as new viral bio-indicators for safety in meat products.

Specific objectives:

  • estimating the diversity of Torque teno viruses in the general population of Romania
  • phylogenetic analysis and characterization of Torque teno viruses specific to the population of Romania
  • developing a method for identifying and quantifying Torque teno viruses in food

Project manager: Lavinia Mariana Berca