Research on the differentiation of the main genotypes of aromatic plants grown or harvested from spontaneous flora (basil, lavender and mint) based on the major compounds of the essential oils, determined by spectral methods



no: 29N / 2016 Project:


IBA Bucuresti

Program: Research on the identification and use of bioactive compounds that can improve the nutritional value of foods and of factors that can affect the integrity of foods

Contract no: 29N / 2016

Project: PN 16 46 03 01

Contracting authority: Ministry of Research and Innovation

Period of project completion: 15.03.2016 - 20.12.2017

Budget: 650,000 lei


The objective of the project: Research on the differentiation of the main varieties of native aromatic plants (mint, basil and lavender) of culture and spontaneous flora based on their majority compounds, using spectral methods.

Specific objectives:

• Establishing, based on literature data, the majority compounds of volatile oils extracted from different native species of mint, basil and lavender;

• Identification of cultivated varieties and, respectively, of the spontaneous flora existing in the country, of the three types of plants to be studied (mint, basil, lavender);

• Harvesting and preparing for the analysis of the native varieties;

• Extraction of volatile oils;

• Identification of the composition of volatile oils obtained on the basis of spectral data;

• Quantification of the majority compounds of the volatile oils obtained;

• Validation of the method of quantification of the majority compounds of volatile oils;

• Chemometric analysis of spectral data in order to authenticate the volatile oils studied according to variety and / or geographical area of ​​culture.


Project manager: Ionescu Valentin