NUTRICON, 2-4 september 2020


The international Congress NUTRICON 2020 will be held in Ohrid, Macedonia, during 2-4 september.

The event is dedicated to: Food Quality and Safety, Health and Nutrition and it is addressed to: scientists, professionals, companies, governmental officials, and professional associations working in the fields of food production, food processing, food quality and safety, health, nutrition, hygienic engineering and design, innovative technologies, new trends in food safety, from Europe and all around the world to attend this event.  

Among the topics are:

  • Food ingredients, food structure, additives, supplements;
  • Food production, engineering, processing and sustainbility;
  • Food analysis, food microbiology, chemistry, biochemistry, sensory and information technology sciences;
  • Microbiological, chemical and physical hazards;
  • Risk analysis;
  • Consumers;
  • Food biotechnology, novel bio-products, functional foods;
  • Food chain management, food chain marketing;
  • Nutritional physiology;
  • Clinical health and nutrition;
  • Oral diseases and quality of life;
  • Special supplemental food program.


You can find more information here.