Consumer behaviour


Consumer behaviour

  • Consumer’s attitude towards the product offer
  • understanding the behaviour of the Romanian consumer
  • identifying the determining factors in the choice of certain foods as an integral part of a specific diet
  • how the nutritional information on the label influences the choice of food

Research topic on consumer behavior

  • understanding the process of food perception by the consumer and the discrepancies that occur between consumer and experts
  • understanding the process of behavioral change, facilitating this change in the direction of health, by integrating social and biological sciences
  • understanding fundamental food values, cultural and traditional issues, food habits in their diversity and dynamics
  • assesing or measuring consumer behavior in relation to food,
  • understanding the dynamics of receptor-to-brain sensory perception, including sensory cross-reactions,
  • flavor release and food structure
  • understanding and predictive food selection for a healthy diet and promoting adequate food consumption
  • evaluating personalized information and optimizing product quality and consumer health, as well as predicting future trends at global, European, regional and local level
  • designing and validating new ways of communicating and informing about healthy diet for diverse population groups with different needs, including ethnic minority and at risk populations
  • statistical evaluation of eating habits
  • statistical evaluation of traditional foods
  • obtaining easy to handle, ready to use foods
  • analysis of the role of price vs food benefits
  • understanding the determinants of consumer acceptance of food technologies