ELISA-Microbiology Laboratory

Research and studies
  • incidence of pathogenic microorganisms in food
  • sanitation and food hygiene tests for food processing units (technological flow, work equipment, packaging materials, personnel)
  • studies for determinating the shelf life of food products
  • determination of mycotoxins, allergens, antibiotics, vitamins using the ELISA enzyme immunoassay in cereals, feed and food
  • consulting in the design of the testing program for various analyzes and food matrices or in other fields of microbiology (hygiene practices on technological flow, identification of risks on flow)
  • development and implementation of systems to reduce microbial contamination
  • research on establishing the shelf life of food products and improving their quality
  • approach and development of natural food preservation techniques
  • evaluating the use of natural antimicrobial compounds for food spoilage control and increasing stability
  • elaboration of quantitative and qualitative models in order to inactivate the growth and microbial contamination but also of the mycotoxin content in cereals and food products
  • research on controlling the presence of food allergens (gluten) in special purpose foods
  • controlling fermentations used in the food industry: composition of fermentation environment, establishment and optimization of fermentation technologies, using fermentation and the products obtained from fermentation in improving the food quality
Products made in IBA laboratories

IBA sells products made at the Pilot Station for processing cereals and flours

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