Sensory Analysis Laboratory

Research and studies
  • qualitative evaluation of food through new sensory analysis in accordance with ISO/SR ISO standards compiling and training of an evaluating panel
  • consumer tests organization (hedonic tests) on the food preferences
  • descriptive and differentiation tests (qualitative and/or quantitative) for the objective evaluation of a food product with the help of a trained panel
  • application of sensory analysis as part of the evaluation of the overall quality of food products in research projects
  • correlation of sensory analysis with the physico-chemical characteristics of food and consumer perception
  • correlation of sensory analysis withinstrumental analysis: electronic nose, GC-MS, texture nose
  • studies regarding psihology-phisiology-perception and consumers preferences;
  • imprinting the volatile composition of food and determinating the correspondance with the original product(authenticity) with the α-Promotheus system
  • results interpretation with statistical analysis (EyeQuestion)
  • techniques and tools application for testing the market for new foods and their consumption
  • trainings
Products made in IBA laboratories

IBA sells products made at the Pilot Station for processing cereals and flours

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