Board of directors

Nastasia Belc
President/General Manager
IBA Bucharest
Denisa Eglantina Duță
Member, President of the Scientific Council/Scientific Director
IBA Bucharest
Daniela Iacob
Member, Superior Counselor
Ministry of Research and Innovation
Marius Știrbu
Member, Superior Counselor
Ministry of Public Finance
Adrian Aflorei
Member, Chief in Service
Ministry of Labor and Social Justice
Viorel Morărescu
Member, Director
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Petru Niculiță
Member, President of the food industry section

Scientific council

Nastasia Belc
Dr. Nastasia Belc Associate Professor
General Manager
Denisa Eglantina Duță
Dr. Denisa Eglantina Duță
Scientific Director
Gabriel Sorin Mustățea
Dr. Gabriel Sorin Mustățea
Head of Food Packaging Laboratory
Alina Culețu
Dr. Alina Culețu
Head of Colloidal Biochemistry
Luminița Catană
Dr. Luminița Catană
Head of Human Nutrition Laboratory
Mioara Negoiță
Dr. Mioara Negoiță
Head of Cromatography Laboratory
Alina Alexandra Dobre
Dr. Alina Alexandra Dobre
Head of Microbiology ELISA Laboratory
Lavinia Mariana Berca
Dr. Lavinia Mariana Berca
Head of Molecular Biology Laboratory
Florica Constantinescu
Dr. Florica Constantinescu
Scientific Secretary
Adriana Macri
Adriana Macri
Head of Interdisciplinary Research Department