Press release A European platform will pave the way forward towards a closer collaboration in food safety


29 January 2021

Safe and nutritious food is key to sustaining life and promoting good health, yet the current EU food safety system falters when a need to quickly adapt to a continuously evolving food chain arises. The EU-funded FOODSAFETY4EU project kicked off in January 2021 as a step forward towards a more engaged and co-operative Food Safety System (FSS) in Europe.

The project aims at designing, developing and releasing a multi-stakeholder platform to establish a network of FSS actors at national, European and international level, a crucial aspect in the success of this system. To facilitate this collaboration, the consortium will thus develop knowledge and digital tools to activate a structured participatory process among these actors.

Therefore, the FoodSafety4EU platform will be shaped primarily to:

1.      Reduce the current fragmentation of FSS, facilitating higher value interactions between its actors in the multi-levelled system.

2.      Support the European Commission and the European Food Safety Authority to address the main Food Safety challenges and formulate appropriate recommendations.

3.      Make available selected knowledge and data (by delivering digital solutions) enhancing the public confidence.

The European network currently consists of 23 Consortium partners and 44 stakeholders (Food Safety Authorities, consumers' associations, research centres, etc.). This community is expected to continue to grow into a Forum by the end of the project, in 3 years’ time.  Learn how to join the European Food Safety Community here.

The project is funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Learn more through the factsheet.

Visit the FoodSafety4EU website