Asthma and COVID19


IBA Bucharest is spreading information about food and health in the context of SARS-COV 2 pandemia. In this sense, this paper collected information regarding the influence of plant based diet on persons affected by asthma disease. This diet, with high content of antioxidants (especially flavonoids) and dietary fiber, could be useful for vulnerable people during this pandemic period, according to the authors of epidemiological tests, by reducing the inflammation of respiratory system.

Speaking about “Asthma and coronavirus”, Dr. Kahleova (Physicians Commitee for Responsible Medicine) points out that all those people with bronchial asthma are six times more exposed to coronavirus than others.

Research on antioxidant activity has shown the importance of phenolic compounds, vitamins (E and C) and a substance named quercetin, with an antiinflamatory effect, coming from plant based diet.

Where these benefic compounds can be found? They can be found in wheat germs, barley, nuts, cereals, green tea, cocoa, coffee, red wine, grapes, red onion, white onion, red cabbage, black tea, aubergine, citrus, preserved capers, dill, dried oregano, red onion, white onion, pollen, aronia, goji berry or cranberries.

Astmul și COVID19