Research regarding the achievement of sourdough enriched in phenolic compounds and inulin, using flour from jerusalem artichoke tubers (Helianthus tuberosus)


Volume International Symposium ISB – INMA TEH, AGRICULTURAL AND   MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, Bucharest, 31 October -01  November, pg. 817-825, Print: ISSN 2344 - 4118, CD-ROM: ISSN 2344 - 4126, Online: ISSN 2537 – 3773

Autori: Burnete-A. G., Lazăr A-M, Ph.D. Eng. Catană M.*, Ph.D. Eng. Catană L.,  Stamatie G., Teodorescu R.I., Belc N. , Vlăduţ V.